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Season's Greetings

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We Welcome 2011 with future in the present - West side of New York light show on a building in Chelsea, enjoy

“Learning never exhausts the mind.” ~ Leonardo da Vinci

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Diving 101 into Leonardo's Portrait of Isabella d'Estehttp at SECRÉTIVITÉ

The Notebooks of Leonardo da Vinci

Volume I
philosophy, anatomy, human, proportions, medicine, optics, acoustics, botany, geology.

Volume II
flight, flying machines, mathematics, the nature, of water hydraulics,
experiments, inventions

Volume III
precepts of the painter, colour, light & shade, perspective, sculpture
architecture, music jests, fables.


Sir Ken Robinson: Bring on the learning revolution!

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Sir Ken Robinson (born Liverpool, 4 March 1950) is an author, speaker and international advisor on education in the arts to government, non-profits, education and arts bodies. He was Director of The Arts in Schools Project (1985-89), Professor of Arts Education at the University of Warwick (1989 - 2001) and was knighted in 2003 for services to education. Originally from a working class Liverpool family, he now lives in Los Angeles with his wife Marie-Therese and children James and Kate. Continue reading at Wikipedia


What Is Meaning?

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By Scott Soames

The tradition descending from Frege and Russell has typically treated theories of meaning either as theories of meanings or as theories of truth conditions. However, propositions of the classical sort don't exist, and truth conditions can't provide all the information required by a theory of meaning. In this book, one of the world's leading philosophers of language offers a way out of this dilemma.

"In this short book, Scott Soames makes a major contribution to the general theory of meaning. Along the way he provides a beautiful, concise critical account of several previous attempts to formulate such a theory. What Is Meaning? will be required reading for serious researchers in philosophical and linguistic semantics."--Gilbert Harman, Princeton University

To read the entire book description or a sample chapter, please visit: press.princeton.edu

The Unbalanced Harmony

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Fashion Shoot for WAD magazine

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Picture by Matthieu Deluc. Artistique Direction and accessories By Le creative Sweatshop. Stylisme: Justine Allain. Hair by Andre Cueto. Make up by Sandrine Engel. Model : Nala (slides) / Benjamin / Boris / Mae (Marilyn Agency) www.wadmag.com

Cadenza Vagabundos

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It's no exaggeration to say that Cadenza's Vagabundos party has provided the talking point of Ibiza 2010. In merely a matter of weeks, Luciano and his merry men have etched their way in to the islands clubbing folklore, earning rave reviews for the manner with which their unique blend of house and techno music has captivated the Pacha audience on Sunday nights.In a move befitting of their Spanish name which literally translates as ‘travellers’, the Cadenza crew are now spreading their mad cap shows outside of the White Isle, with Holland’s iconic Mysteryland the first stop on ten worldwide dates penciled in over the course of the next twelve or so months. Held this year on the 28th August, the oldest dance music festival in the lowlands has morphed in to something of a right of passage for the techno obsessed Dutch, and in turn looks set to provide a fitting introduction to life on the road for the Cadenza collective.

Cadenza Vagabundos camp At Mysteryland. Amsterdam.

An altogether different concept than last summers Aether project, Mysteryland will host its own Cadenza stage whereby ringleader Luciano will be joined by fellow Vagabundos mainstays Michel Cleis, Mirko Loko, Ernesto Ferreyra and Dani Casarano. In Holland however, they'll also initiate two very special additions in to the camp - Romanian native Rhadoo and Supplement Facts label boss Guy Gerber. Kicking off early in the afternoon and rolling on late in to the night, Mysteryland not only heralds a new age in Cadenza’s label showcases, but also provides fans with a rare glimpse to catch so many of the labels most creative forces at their individual and collective best. Roll on Vagabundos...


Julian Louie

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Photography and photomontage by dS Art Studio. Spring 2010 Fashion Week New York.
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"Don't take life too seriously... no one gets out alive anyway"

- from a bathroom wall at King Street Station, Seattle, WA


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Did you know? Interesting Facts about the world and technology

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Pioneer Me

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Introducing a second major advancement for the CDJ series: the CDJ-900 – our new multi-format performance player for the digital age.

The CDJ-900 accompanies the launch of the new range-topping CDJ-2000 player and is loaded with many shared features.

It can play from various different music sources, including CD and USB storage devices.

Pioneer rekordbox™ Music Database Management SoftwareIt also comes with the revolutionary music database management software for DJs: rekordbox™. Based on our Prepare & Perform’ concept, rekordbox works (for both Mac and PC) like the leading music database management software, but is more creative and more DJ-friendly.

rekordbox allows DJs to prepare more before their performance and opens a door to tools such as Quantize for perfectly synced loops every time.

DJs can then export data to a USB device to access vast libraries of music files and perform live - without the need for extra equipment or any inconvenient rewiring in the club.

No need to burn CDs, simply take your USB device to the club, plug in to the CDJ and play.

Through the industry-first Pro DJ Link, music files and database data on one single USB device can be shared simultaneously by up to four players connected via LAN (local area network) cable, or with one LAN cable between two players. Plus, the data history of each DJ set is automatically saved and can be made into a playlist that can be loaded back into rekordbox.

Another key facet of the CDJ-900 is its advanced HID (human interface device) and MIDI capabilities for native control of DVS (digital vinyl systems) via USB.

There is also an improved audio output circuit, a new Wolfson DAC processor, and a built-in 24-bit/48 kHz sound card.

Add to these features an overall enhanced design that includes a new display screen, rotary selector, carry handles andKensington lock.

Then check out the four-beat Emergency Loop and the three CDJ-900 exclusives: the Auto Beat Loop, Quick Return scratch feature and a Slip mode that enables DJs to perform tricks and return to their original flow in an uninterrupted fashion and you have the perfect tool for maximum performance.


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Good people do not need laws to tell them to act responsibly, while bad people will find a way around the laws.

Touch Yello

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Exemplarily pushing the envelope, Yello manifests optimistic compatibility with past, present, and future.
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