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Remix YELLO's ‘Bostich’, ‘Oh Yeah’

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The Opportunity - Go to the contest here. On November 17th, 2009, Beatport will make available for download the stems of ‘Bostich’ the band’s break through classic and a favorite of many Yello fans, and ‘Oh Yeah’, the band’s biggest commercial hit to date. ‘Oh Yeah’ was featured in Hollywood movies like ‘Ferris Bueller’s Day Off’, ‘Beverly Hills Cop’, ‘The Secret Of My Success’ and several others.
“The world of electronic music would not be what it is today without a few visionary pioneers like Yello. This band helped create a new sound, entirely based on synthesizers and samplers” stated Ronny Krieger, Beatport’s Chief Programming Officer. This is an amazing opportunity for all aspiring producers to join the likes of Carl Cox, The Orb, and Moby by putting their own spin on Yello’s classic electronic tracks.

White Sparkle In Her Eyes W/ Erobique

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21.11.09 // 00h // Horst Krzbrg, Tempelhofer Ufer 1


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Richard Burbridge

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Lillian Bassman & Paul Himmel

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Deichtorhallen Hamburg will arrange the artist’s first comprehensive exhibition in Europe.
Learn more about this event at secretivite.blogspot.com

"Sell Access & Experiences, Not Media Files".

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Media scarcity is dead. In the future my son will have a flash drive that he will pay $29 for that will have the capacity to hold all movies and music ever released by a major label, studio or tv/cable network. It will take 30 seconds to clone the data over the network to a friend who will pay $14.99 for a device with double capacity a year later. How does the media industry survive such a coming disruption? Continue reading ...

Guest post was written by Edo Segal 4 www.techcrunch.com

10-inch iPod Touch

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Apple Tablet To Redefine Newspapers, Textbooks and Magazines

Everything about reading on the Web is designed to shorten your attention span. Every link promises that whatever you’re currently reading isn’t nearly as interesting as the thing behind the link.
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